• The Basics
  • The Body
  • The Mind
  • Goals
The Basics

Before we get started what should we call you?

1) What is your date of birth (must be over 18)?

2) What is your gender?

3) What is your height?

4) What is your weight?

5) How long have you been exercising?

6) How much time a week are you dedicating to your health and fitness going forward?

7) How would you rate your current diet?

8) Do you eat a particular diet plan now?

Where should we send your results?

Now we are going to get a deeper understanding of your body to help us customize your package and savings. To ensure delivery of your customized plan, what's your email address?

9) What is your activity level? How many days a week are you exercising?

10) What type of activity do you do?

11) What is your average energy throughout the day like? How's your energy levels throughout the day?

12) How do you find gaining muscle to be? How do you feel about gaining muscle?

13) How do you find losing body fat to be?

14) How many times a day do you go to the bathroom?

Want your plan texted to you?

If you'd like, we can text you the supplement plan we created for you so it's easy to access later and share with your friends.
What's your cell phone number?

15) How many hours of sleep do you get per night?

16) What's your Sleep Quality Score?

(0 is barely sleeping, 10 is sleep like a rock every night)


17) How would you rate your daily stress level?

18) Do you do additional mental exercises?

19) What is your ideal weight?

20) What is your primary health goal? (1 of 2)

21) What is your secondary health goal? (2 of 2)

22) How long have you had this goal?

23) If you could change one body part, what would it be?

24) If you could change a secondary body part, what would it be?

The Body
The Mind

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