Portable Protein Funnel Keychain & Pill Carrier


The Essential Sports Nutrition Portable Protein Funnel Keychain and Pill Carrier is ideal for taking your powdered supplements or pills on the go. Large enough to hold two protein scoops, the carrier is a convenient way to always have your supplements available when needed. No reason to carry bulky water bottles and shakers. 
  • EASY TO USE: Simply fill from the bottom and then funnel from the top into any drink bottle.
  • BPA FREE: Food grade BPA free plastic.
  • PORTABLE PROTEIN: This Portable size protein container lets you bring 60g of supplements/powder with you wherever you go with a durable keychain and the use easy clip attachment to sports bags.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: On the go scoop & funnel system for all types of powder, vitamins or tablets.

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