Keto Drops


Essential Keto Drops are a convenient and effective way to support a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Supports a keto diet with a unique formula containing organic MCT oil, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and ginseng extract.

Benefits of Essential Keto Drops:

  • Promotes and maintains ketosis: The Essential Keto Drops are designed to support the body's natural ketone production, promoting a healthy state of ketosis.
  • Fights off the "keto flu": The keto diet can often result in symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Our keto drops can help to alleviate these symptoms and make the transition into ketosis easier.
  • Boosts energy levels: The MCT oil in our proprietary formula provides a quick source of energy for the body, allowing for increased physical and mental performance.
  • Helps with weight loss: When the body enters a state of ketosis, it begins to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, leading to weight loss.
  • Supports cognitive function: The ginseng extract in our formula has been shown to improve cognitive function, helping with memory and focus. 

Essential Keto Drops are a high-quality dietary supplement that assist in achieving and maintaining a healthy ketogenic lifestyle. Essential keto drops are NSF certified, made in the USA, non-GMO, and gluten-free. They are made with 100% natural ingredients and are sugar-free, vegan, corn-free, and lactose-free. 

<p>Place drops under the tongue. Hold drops under the tongue for 15 seconds before swallowing.</p>
<p>Adults take 10 drops, 3 times per day, or as directed by a health care professional.</p>
<p>For children under 12 years of age, consult a physician before use.</p>

L-Arginine is an amino acid that increases blood flow and nutrient delivery.

Raspberry Ketone increases metabolism and fat burning while improving mood and sleep cycle.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps create natural protein while increasing brain function and serotonin production.

L-Ornithine supports cardiovascular health and exercise performance while improving mood and sleep quality.

African mango regulates appetite and reduces cholesterol, body fat, and blood glucose levels.

L-Carnitine improves fat-burning to create energy and promotes heart and brain function, muscle movement, and other body processes.

Beta-Alanine improves exercise performance and nutrient delivery while reducing lactate (muscle fatigue).

Macca Root is a plant that supports hormonal health.

Grape Seed reduces blood pressure, increases collagen production, increases bone strength, and aids as a neuroprotective agent.

Grapefruit is high in powerful antioxidants which benefit the immune system and promote appetite control and weight loss.

ECGC is an herb that functions as an antioxidant and improves cognitive function, increases muscle mass, endurance and combats inflammation.

Ginseng is a potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.

Garcinia Cambogia supports fat loss by increasing the metabolic rate and calorie expenditure during exercise.

Capsicum is nutrient-rich and contains antioxidants that support cholesterol levels and immune health.

Guarana is a plant that reduces fatigue, boosts energy, and increases cognitive function.

Eleuthero is utilized by increasing energy and cognitive function while reducing fatigue.

Essential Sports Nutrition's mission is to provide lifestyle and supplement support through premium products, quality education, nutritious recipes, fitness gear and discussions to help everyBODY be their best self. This holistic approach fuels the complete person allowing them to pursue their current lifestyle goals and their future aspirations.

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Frequently asked question

Yes. Keto Drops can be taken with other supplements but consult with your doctor before taking.

Adults take 10 drops, 3 times per day, or as directed by a health care professional. For children under 12 years of age, consult a physician before use.

This product is best taken in the morning.

Our formula is professionally curated, backed by extensive research, and third-party lab tested for consistency, quality and efficacy. All supplements are manufactured in the USA at GMP Certified and Federally Registered Facilities.

Supplements are dosed to the highest standards without fillers or by-products while stored at the proper temperature to maintain potency and efficacy.

NSF Certified for Sport supplements are batch tested to the highest standards ensuring what is on the label is in the bottle. NSF Certification is the only independent third-party program recognized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League.

NSF Certified for Sport is also recommended by the NFL, NBA, PGA, LPGA, Ironman, NASCAR and many other organizations. Less than 1% of supplements on the market match these world-class standards.

Essential Sports Nutrition provides the resources, products and services of the highest quality to help you become the best version of yourself. We want to support you in reaching your goals, whether you are just starting out or an accomplished professional athlete.

From lifestyle information, such as articles, recipes, music or blogs - to support fitness goals through supplementation, Essential Sports Nutrition is your resources for well-being.

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